Smart growth, attainable housing, a healthy environment, and clean energy.

"I'm originally from the Mid-West, grew up in Redding, CA, and I attended college and law school in Idaho. I'm proud to call Hailey home. Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. So we must be thoughtful about the future of our great city and the unintentional impacts from growth. We live in a very special place and future generations should too."  - Sam Linnet
Smart Growth

The City of Hailey must prioritize infill and reduce annexations. Infill takes advantage of the land Hailey already has within its city limits for development. Empty lots and underutilized land can be redeveloped into housing, commercial, and industrial spaces. Annexations lead to outward expansion and an ever-growing city footprint. Outward expansion increases traffic, disconnects residents from the city center, and decreases the overall quality of life for residents. Prioritizing infill and reducing annexations will help Hailey achieve the growth it needs to thrive while decreasing costs of unrestricted expansion.

Protect our Greenspaces and River

The Big Wood River is the heart of our community. It is our most valuable natural asset, and its inherent value requires strong protections to ensure it remains healthy and accessible. The City of Hailey must preserve the last remaining sections of undeveloped riparian areas. It should be clear that our valley’s namesake is not up for sale or open to development. The costs of flooding are too severe (for both property owners and the City), and the lost access and recreation opportunities can never be recovered. I propose a stricter land use regulations along the river corridor to decrease the cost and effect of annual flooding and increase green space open to the public.

Green spaces abound in the City of Hailey. The preservation of places like the Draper Preserve, Quigley Canyon, and Croy Canyon are invaluable assets to our community. Future growth and development must put the highest value on continuing our rich tradition of preserving these green spaces for generations to come. 

Attainable Housing

Quality housing should be available to all residents. The City of Hailey needs to take a hard look at how it can amend its land use and zoning regulations to incentivise well-thought out developments, both for contractors building homes and residents buying them. There are creative solutions to creating more housing stock and it starts with providing landowners and builders the necessary land use system that allows and promotes affordable housing.

ADUs are a great way for individuals, couples, and others to live in smaller residences, especially when homeownership is not desired or possible. Unfortunately, ADUs are restricted in many parts of our city, and incentives to build ADUs are almost non-existent.

Clean Energy

As Hailey - along with the rest of Idaho - continues to grow, we must commit to transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2030. Cities across the state and country are committing to clean energy because it is more reliable, cheaper, and better for communities. As a small town Idaho resident, I value my independence and self-reliance. So it troubles me when almost three-quarters of our energy comes from outside our state. Clean energy like solar, wind, and geothermal give local communities control over how they produce energy. Transitioning to clean energy will allow Hailey to meet power demands, protect our environment, and build a stronger economy.

 Other issues 

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